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2. International Mersin Symposium

2. International Mersin Symposium

23-25 May 2019, Mersin


Mersin province, With a 321 km coastline and a land border of 608 km, is one of the rarest geographies of the world, not only of our country and the Mediterranean regions. It hosts a great deal of historical, natural and cultural riches. The area of the province is 15,620 kilometers. Especially the coastal areas have a typical Mediterranean climate: the summers are hot and dry, the winters are warm and rainy.


Mersin province has a strategic importance in terms of social and economic life of Turkey and the Mediterranean region. Mersin is one of the most important residential areas of both the Mediterranean region and Turkey. The region is one of the most important districts of Turkey with the potential of agriculture industry, trade and tourism. Mersin province, according to the data for 2018, with a population of 1.814.468 is located between the largest cities of Turkey. Tarsus has the largest population and Çamlıyayla has the smallest population.


Its advantageous geographical location, climate characteristics and physical advantages make it possible for people living in Mersin to have a privileged quality of life. This is also reflected in the relation to the social environment in which the individual is involved.


The findings show that the Mersin people are quite satisfied with their life. Especially they show that they can establish very good relationships with the individuals they live with, their friends, their colleagues and their neighbours. All these factors affect the quality of life of the individuals positively..

Prof. Dr. D. Ali ARSLAN

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